Priyanka takes on Modi, says Chowkidars are for rich

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra at Manaiya ghat varanasi
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra at Manaiya ghat varanasi

March 18 : Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Monday took a potshot at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that chowkidars were meant to protect the rich,not farmers.

Priyanka kicked off her three-day Ganga yatra from Prayagraj to Varanasi, kick-starting poll campaign in BJP’s stronghold for Lok Sabha elections and accused Modi of being a friend of industrialists.

Commenting on Modi’s ‘chowkidar’ boast, Gandhi, in her address to supporters from her specially-prepared vessel, said while holding a hand-held microphone: “A watchman is meant for the rich and not for farmers.”

“Modi only favours industrialists and pushes money into the pockets of industrialists. So think before voting, use your vote judiciously, in a way that your vote changes things in the country,” she said.

As the motor boat packed with her supporters set sail at a slow pace from here, the 47-year-old waved to people on the banks of the holy Hindu river and loudly asked about their welfare.

Addressing a gathering near Dumduma ghat, she said: “When we raise any issue, we are suppressed and lathi-charged. Yesterday a woman came… They came with hope.”

But whenever people protest, they end up facing even sedition charges, she said.

The Congress leader said people need to understand that this country belongs to everyone.

“This country is yours, this democracy is yours and even this politics is yours. It is only because of people that we exist. There can be no Priyanka Gandhi without you people.”

Answering questions on the agrarian crisis, she said: “We are not here to make false promises. We do what we promise, like we waived off loan of farmers in all the states where we formed governments recently.”

Earlier, while addressing a rally in Prayagraj, she hit out at BJP and said that she would not allow anyone create divides between the people of the country.

“We are here because of you only and we would not be here without you. The power is in your hands. If you choose Congress government in the coming elections, and support Rahul Gandhi, it will bring development for you,” she said, adding that her party and Rahul fulfil all the promises they make in the elections.

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