Priyanka slams BJP over its ‘selective patriotism’

Priyanka Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi

Lucknow, April 7 : Congress general secretary for eastern Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi hit out at PM Modi and the BJP for displaying “selective” patriotism and said True ‘desh bhakt’ will respect Rajiv and Indira Gandhi.

“Saffron party leaders make tall claims over patriotism but had they been such big patriots they would have respected the martyrs whether Hindus or Muslims or father of the Opposition party leader. You cannot be selective in this. So, respect Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi. If you are real patriots,” Priyanka said while addressing a ‘nukkad sabha’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur.

Attacking the BJP further, Priyanka said that BJP raises the issue of patriotism only during the time of the elections in its bid to hide the real questions on farmers, unemployed, women safety.

“During demonetisation, people were asked to stand in queues stating it was patriotism as this will bring back black money. Was it brought back? Not a single paisa came back. But people were harassed,” Priyanka said.
Asking whether there is any Indian who’s not a patriot, Priyanka stressed that everyone was a patriot and the biggest patriotism is to have faith in the democracy and using the vote as a weapon.

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