Priyanka Gandhi Leaves for Lakhimpur Kheri, says Police Tried to Stop her

Priyanka Gandhi

Lucknow, Oct 4 : Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi left for Lakhimpur Kheri late on Sunday night and alleged that police tried to stop her from going there.

Earlier, the Congress had apprehended that she may have been put under house arrest in Lucknow to prevent her from visiting Lakhimpur Kheri, where violence erupted during a farmers’ protest over UP Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya”s visit on Sunday.

According to officials, eight people, including four farmers, were killed in the incident.

Priyanka Gandhi and party leader Deepinder Singh Hooda arrived in Lucknow on Sunday night.

In a video on her way to Lakhimpur Kheri, she said if the government uses the force against her, then it shows they have lost morality.

“I have not come out of my home to commit any crime. I am only going to meet the aggrieved families and wipe their tears. What wrong thing am I doing? And if I am doing anything wrong, you should have a warrant,” Priyanka Gandhi said.

“You are stopping me, this vehicle. Why are you stopping it? When I am calling the CO, he is hiding. If he is doing the right thing, then why is he hiding,” she said in the video.

Priyanka Gandhi further said, “The way in which farmers are suppressed, no words can explain it. For the past many months, farmers are raising their voice, that wrong is being done to them, but the government is not willing to listen to them.”

“Today”s incident proves that the government is indulging in the politics of suppressing farmers. This is the country of farmers and it is not the fiefdom of the BJP. The land has been irrigated by farmers,” she added.

Meanwhile, policemen posted outside BSP general secretary S C Misra”s home urged him not to leave his home, to which the leader was heard asking in a video to show them any legal notice stopping him from going to Lakhimpur Kheri.

Due to the policemen, he could not leave for Lakhimpur late on Sunday night, party sources said.

Eight people were killed on Sunday as violence erupted during the farmers” protest, claiming the lives of both farmers and BJP workers.

Two SUVs were set on fire by angry farmers in the clash near Banbirpur in Lakhimpur Kheri.

Four of the dead were people in the cars, apparently a part of a convoy of BJP workers who had come to welcome the UP minister.

They were allegedly thrashed to death.

The four others were farmers, officials said.

Several people were hospitalised, according to the two sides.

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