President Ram Nath Kovind to not host Iftar party in Rashtrapati Bhavan

Ram Nath Kovind

New Delhi, June 7: President Ram Nath Kovind has decided not host an Iftar party this year, in accordance with his decision to not observe any religious functions inside Rashtrapati Bhawan at taxpayers’ expense.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Press Security to Prez, Ashok Malik said that “After the President took over the office, he decided there would be no religious celebrations or observances in a public building such as Rashtrapati Bhavan on taxpayer expense”.

“President Kovind did not celebrate any religious festivities such as Diwali, Christmas and Holi though he wished all fellow citizens on every major religious festival since he assumed office last July,” he further added.

He further stated that the decision is in keeping with the principles of a secular state and applies to all religious occasions, irrespective of religion.

Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims break their fast at sunset during the holy month of  Ramzan.


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