Pre and Post-Holi: Here’s how to take care of Skin, Hair


New Delhi, Feb 28: As the festival of colors and fun is all around the corner, but with this Holi has its own skin and hair care concerns because use of colors could lead to various allergies and rashes.

So, it is ideally important to safeguard yourself from synthetic chemical used in colors because not every one use organic colors.

Below we have enlisted some ways to prepare yourself before and after Holi : 

Before Care: 

-In a bid to avoid the unwanted skin tanning and skin problem, one should apply a sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out of your house. The built-in moisturisers will safeguard your skin from the sun as well as colours.

– You should not forget about your fingernails on Holi, as per Shikhee Agrawal, Head-Training, The Body Shop India. It is best to ensure attention to cuticles and nails, minding the sensitivity of these areas. Apply transparent nail varnish and petroleum jelly for protective coating.

– For hair care, slather your hair with oil as colors can presumably damage your Hair to a great extent. Applying Coconut or even a normal hair oil, half an hour before stomping out can reduce damage scope to a nominal level. Also, it’s best to tie your hair rather than leaving them open during the festivals.

–  Apply lip balm to lips top to ensure the least harm. It is advised one should apply thick coat of lip balm jelly over them so that the color does not get stick to your mouth.

After Care: 

– Once all the celebration get over, major hassle comes of removing of the colors from face. Rinsing your face with clean water, followed by a hearty application of cream is suggested.

It is important that all the impurity and toxic substances release out of your skin-pores. So it is suitable to use a cleanser containing natural ingredients like Tea Tree, Green Tea and others.

– Wash off the impurities and colours with a good hair shampoo, such as lemon, honey, having natural vitality to wash away the noxious substances from your hair. Following this don’t forget to applly conditioner.

– After, all the exposing to the sun, toxic elements flying in the air all throughout the day, it is must to apply a good and efficient eye cream full of vitamin E before sleeping. This will make you feel fresh next morning and will also help in cleaning dark circles and patches overnight.


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