Praja Foundation report card: 72 % Delhi MLAs underperforming


Over 70 per cent of Delhi MLAs have been found to be “underperforming”, even less as compared to Mumbai’s BJP, Shiv Sena and Congress Legislators. In fact, only 33 per cent of the Delhi MLAs, immensely belonging to the AAP, according to a report by a non-partisan organisation “Praja Foundation.”

According to the study, in the counterpart of 72 percent of Delhi MLAs, nearly 33 percent have not even participated in a single discussion in Assembly elections. The report states,  “Delhi’s ruling party AAP MLAs raised on an average 12 issues, while Mumbai’s ruling party (BJP and Shiv Sena) MLAs raised 69 issues on an average.”

The report of the study was made during the period from 24 February 2015 to 22 December 2015 and prepared on the basis of Public perception and their performance in the Assembly.

Wefornews bureau

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