Practice of Triple Talaq is wrong, can’t interfere in personal law : SC

kapil sibal

New Delhi, Aug 22: Senior advocate Kapil Sibal on Tuesday hailed the Supreme Court ruling on triple talaq, and said it protects personal laws and at the same time deprecates this practice of divorce.

Addressing media he stated,”But that decision where triple talaq is administered in one sitting is different from the decision in law which by majority says that personal laws can’t be tested on the anvil of Part III of Constitution. They cannot be tested on grounds of violation of Article 14 or 25.”

On basis of majority, the Supreme Court declared “illegal”, but while deliberating the issue Chief Justice Khehar and Justice Nazir  also said that the personal law is not unconstitutional in any way. So in this regard, it will remain execute, Sibal further added.

However, the practice of saying talaq thrice in a one go should be demolish by making  a law in Parliament. For this purpose, the Supreme Court has given the government six months time, Senior advocate asserted.

Sibal also clarified, that the apex court was quoted saying it could not interfere in personal laws regarding whats wrong and right as its not possible to modify “hadees”.

Though, its people belief that triple talaq is a wrong practice to end the marriage, following this the court asked the government to make law within six months.

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