Prabhu lays foundation stone for elevated rail line in Haryana


New Delhi, Nov 2: In a major development in Haryana, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu on Tuesday laid foundation stone for the construction of a four-km-long elevated rail line on Rohtak-Gohana Stretch in Haryana via video-conferencing, an official statement informed.

The elevated line – the Indian Railways’ first ever built for facilitating smoother road traffic in densely populated city areas – will span five level crossing on the stretch, thus helping to de-congest Rohtak city.

“This project is envisaged to provide road-user safety whilst easing life of residents of Rohtak,” said Prabhu, in the statement.

This elevated line will cost of Rs 315 crore, of which railways will pay Rs 90 crore and rest will come from the Haryana Government.

According to the ministry, number of foreign countries like Japan, France and Germany have preferred elevated rail corridors.


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