Postponing Concert Is Attack On democracy : TM Krishna

T M Krishna

New Delhi, Nov 15: On the cancellation of his music concert by the Airports Authority of India (AAI), Carnatic singer TM Krishna said: “People are using Words like urban Naxal, presstitute, anti-Indian are to stop a festival who don’t know what democracy is”.Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia is also the culture minister, said: “will be happy to help out.”

The singer was targeted by right-wing trolls on social media

“Words like urban Naxal, presstitute, anti-Indian are created by people who don’t know what democracy is. They want to scare you and make other people angry at you. They are using these reasons today to stop a festival,” Carnatic singer TM Krishna said.

Krishna alleged that “troll armies have links with people in power” and described the postponement as an attack on freedom of expression.

But the Delhi government on Thursday reached out to Krishna after his weekend concert in the city was called off by the sponsors.

The Magsaysay Award winner said that he has earlier been accused of being pro-Christian, pro- conversion and an urban Naxal.

“The troll army has the underlying patronage of people in power,” alleged the singer.

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