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Posters threatening Kashmiri students to leave Uttar Pradesh surface




New Delhi, April 21: In a yet another offensive to Kashmiri students, dozens of hate mongering hoardings against Kashmiris, commanding them to leave Uttar Pradesh or face the consequences surfaced along the Partapur bypass in Meerut.

As per PTI the posters were flashed outside the colleges where Kashmiri students study.

The case has been registered on Amit Jani, head of the UP Navnirman Sena who is behind the campaign. He also shared a picture of the poster on his Facebook account on Wednesday.

According to Indian Express, Jaani said that, Navnirman Sena is also planning to hold camps outside Jammu and Kashmir Bank branches in the state and appeal the account holders to close their accounts to stop funding the Kashmiris.

Also on Wednesday in a separate incident, 6 Kashmiri students of Maiwar University were called “stone pelters” and beaten up by locals in Rajasthan. The students also alleged that police and university have failed to provide them protection and shared a tainted version of the incident that could have cost their life.

Meanwhile Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday appealed to all state governments to ensure safety of Kashmiri students.

It is shameful that within 24 hours, the students from valley are beaten up, bad mouthed and threatened to leave their place in two of the BJP ruled states.

The statement by the Union Minister arrived after 2 days of the offensive. The minister said, “Kashmiris are citizens of India and part of our family. They should not be harassed. I condemn the attack” and home ministry is asked to circulate the advisory in the regard.

Already massive protests and unrest across the valley have been reported between Kasmiri students and security forces. Since last one year, the unrest in Kashmir has ceased to rest despite PDP BJP coalition in J&K.

Thousands have been injured and hundreds killed. What remains mostly unreported is the fact that the Army is battling a war of emotions within a country where locals resort to stone pelting and hamper the army operations, besides gunning terrorists across LoC and contesting frequent ceasefire violation from the hostile neigbour.

If the unrest embroils with Kashmiris in the other parts of the country the situation could threaten the whole structure of democracy.

Wefornews Bureau


Earthquake of magnitude 4.1 hit Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur




New Delhi, May 21: An earthquake of magnitude 4.1 hit Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district at 4.21 p.m on Monday, reported news agency ANI.

No casualties have been reported so far.


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Sochi Informal summit: India, Russia have been friends for a long time, says Modi



Sochi, May 21: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday met Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of an informal summit between the two countries. 

“Russia played a major role in helping India get a permanent membership in SCO. We are working together on International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) and BRICS”, said Modi.

The Indian Prime thanked Russian President for inviting him for an informal meeting at Sochi. He stated “India and Russia have been friends for a long time”.

Modi arrived in Russia’s Sochi for an informal summit.

The summit is being held on the lines of the Wuhan informal summit between PM Modi and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. The meeting between the two leaders is the first since the re-election of Putin as the President of Russia.

Duo are scheduled to meet in the coastal city at around 01.00 pm and hold restricted one-on-one talks.


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Jaya Jaitly upset with Priyanka’s ‘British aristocrat’ dress at Royal Wedding



Priyanka Chopra Jaya Jaitly

New Delhi, May 21: Former Samata Party president and textile revivalist Jaya Jaitly was disappointed to see that Indian actor Priyanka Chopra opted to dress up like a “British aristocrat” at the royal wedding of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex ”Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”

She says Priyanka could have opted for a “beautiful” sari as independent India has so much to show to the world.

“How sad an Indian actor attending the royal wedding in UK should dress like a British aristocrat at Ascot rather than represent a free and independent India in a beautiful sari,” Jaitly tweeted on May 19, the day when actress Meghan Markle wed British Royal Prince Harry.

However, her complaint goes beyond Priyanka’s dress.

Jaitly told news agency IANS: “All these actors, they dress up in all these fancy gowns by fancy designers who pay them for wearing their outfits and so they get fat money. Now, I keep feeling as I am loyal to our weavers and our textiles in India and we are working all our lives to revive it… We never attach a human being (the weaver’s name) with the brand name unless it has a designer’s name.

“We will say Kanjeevaram or Sambalpuri or something else and that’s the unfair practice all over the world and particularly in India.”

As Founder and President of Dastkari Haat Samiti, an art and craft market to enable rural artisans of traditional Indian crafts to gain confidence in the marketplace through many innovative strategies, Jaitly has been at the forefront of promoting Indian handicrafts and textiles.

She questions why Indian actresses wear western gowns to red carpet events abroad.

“Even in Hollywood (red carpets), where if I see Deepika Padukone wearing long gowns… they never really can compete. It’s like Indian fashion designers trying to do western dresses… Why don’t they wear most beautiful gorgeous sari, and everyone will go ‘wow’.”

An Indian activist, Suhani Jalota, who runs Myna Mahila Foundation, attended the royal wedding in an elegant sari designed by Indian brand Raw Mango run by designer Sanjay Garg.

Suhani Jalota

Counter-questioned about the existence of a dress code to attend the royal wedding, Jaitly said: “In the royal wedding, it was all about inclusiveness and welcoming others’ society, people, race and colour. The royal family and all these people went all out to emphasise the American-African identity of the bride and everyone was raving about the bride’s mother too because they were different.

“I felt sad when I think that why do we copy them and never quite get it right. We have so much to show and show off.”

On the dichotomy of a dress code, Jaitly pointed out: “When somebody in a village in India says ‘Sar dhako (cover your head)’, we don’t want that… When somebody says, ‘Don’t wear jeans in college’, we say ‘Who are you to tell us a dress code?’. But if Queen in England descends an invitation and say you got to wear a hat, which is not part of your culture, you will start saying there was a dress code.

“I don’t understand these various double standards.”

She said people may not agree with her, but in her words, “Just like Priyanka has the right to wear whatever she wants, I have the right to express my opinion.”


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