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independence day

New Delhi, Aug 11:  As India marks 70 years,  celebrate it special with the different dishes. From the tri-colour mocktail to trio of Panna Cotta to mazedaar masala munch chaat.

This Independence Day, some of the experts curated easy-to-do recipes with a regional twist to celebrate freedom from diet goals.

* Recipe: Trio of Panna Cotta by Chef Elangovan from Vivanta by Taj- Dwarka: Indian take on classic Italian dessert from Veneto. Flavours of khus, vanilla and saffron are a modern twist to this humble set cream with the perfect wobbly texture on the occasion of Independence Day.

* Ingredients: Heavy Cream: 300 ml; Breakfast sugar: 35 gm; Gelatin: 5 gm; Khus: 10 ml; Saffron: 50 gm; Vanilla: 5 ml

* Method: Soak gelatin in cold water, Boil cream and sugar in a pan. Add soaked gelatin and mix till it cools slightly, strain, divide mixture into three equal parts. Add khus in one part, vanilla in second and saffron in the third. In a glass gently pour khus mix first and allow it to set. Then pour vanilla mix and allow it to set. Finally pour the saffron mix and let it set. Serve chilled!

* Recipe: Experts of Pepsico brand Kurkure give recipe on mazedaar masala munch chaat.

* Ingredients: One pack of rice crispies, sweet corn, bell peppers and onion.

* Recipe: Take a pack of rice crispies in a bowl and mix it up with fresh sliced bell peppers and diced onions. Add sweet corn for a juicy crunch.

Twist to transform the popular snacks from the four regions of the country:

* From the East: Bengal is known for its spicy and delicious cuisine. Take a cue from their all-time favourite Jhal Muri and to Mazedaar Masala Munch Chaat, add half tea spoon of imli chutney, half a lemon juice and half teaspoon red chilli powder, half tablespoon finely chopped coriander, one teaspoon of Jeera powder, one teaspoon of chaat masala and salt to the masala recipe. Stir well for a lip smacking evening snack with a Bengali spicy twist

* From the West: The street food culture runs strong in western India, be it Gujarat or Maharashtra. Be inspired from Sev Puri Dahi Puri, lovingly called SPDP and to the Mazedaar Masala Munch Chaat, lay golgappas on a plate and fill them with masala recipe. Then add half cup mint coriander chutney, half cup sweet tamarind and dates chutney, half tea spoon imli chutney, half cup red chili garlic chutney, half a lemon juice with a pinch of Jeera powder or roasted cumin powder.

* From the North: Nothing beats evening tea with snacks in north India. Capture the moment with your family and add a bowl of Channe to the Mazedaar Masala Munch Chaat, add ginger, coriander powder, a tinge of black salt and cucumbers. Serve with a piping hot cup of tea.

* From the South: Add coconut and mustard seeds in the dish and serve the tanginess of south India for snacks with your family. To the Mazedaar Masala Munch Chaat, add a handful of grated coconut.

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