Political Turmoil keeps US President Trump busy over Comey’s firing

Donald Trump

The political turmoil that came after sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey refuses to subside with more accusations and counter accusations coming in. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has issued warning that U.S. institutions are under threat from President  and Russia poses an external threat.

US President Donald Trump is under severe criticism from various quarters including the White House after Comey’s sudden and hasty dismissal.Intelligence officials, Democrats, some Republicans and even officials from the West Wing are  demoralised  and his close aides caught off guard by Trump’s decision and had little ability to give  a forceful reply . A sense of unease is prevailing in the White House as President Trump felt isolated and agitated as he met his executive staff  including Vice President Mike Pence.

After meeting a group of military mothers gathered in the East room for a Mother’s Day event, Trump went forward to meet his executive staff in the West Wing to have conversation with military advisers.
It seams President Trump is in a hurry totake decisions but such risks has the capacity to blow outy of control.

Some of the seasoned aides inside the White Wing refer to Trump as “the hurry up President,” as the risks involved with Comey’s firing were far more apparent and Trump’s administration looks unprepared  to deal with such a crisis  that has the ability to blow out of control.
But the differences of opinion exists, with one White House officials asking  “Do you think we-re liars?”.Trump  reminded them about recording conversations inside the Oval Office.

President Trump then on Friday took to Twitter to launch a series of  complaintsbeginning with the allegation that the entire Russia issue was fabricated, issuing threats to cancel the White House press briefing, and culminating with a claim that he had secret “tapes” of his conversations with fired FBI Director James Come

Comey was the key person in the investigation of Russian influence iin the U.S. election and the contact between Moscow and Trump campaign officials .TRump even denied allegations of any type of collusion between his campaign officials  and Russian operatives . Donald said “Everybody’s convinced: They say there is no collusion. We have nothing to do with Russia.”

The President also dismissed reports that he demanded loyalty pledge from former FBI Director James Comey at a private dinner .Trump responded  saying “No, I didn’t but I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the U.S. is important.”

President Trump is looking for a replacement of FBI director  but Democrats argue that the nominee should not be in any form  should be connected to TRump’s political and economic agenda.

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By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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