Political parties with lesser seats get more vote share


New Delhi, March 11 

The BSP, which won only 19 seats out of total 403 seats in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, got over 22 per cent of the total votes, becoming the second largest party in terms of vote share.

Its rival Samajwadi Party, which won 47 seats, only got 21.8 per cent of the total votes cast in the elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, which won 312 seats, secured 39.7 per cent vote share in the state, according to the Election Commission on Saturday.

The Congress with 7 seats could only manage over six per cent of the vote share in the most politically important state of the country.

In Punjab, where Congress won a majority with 77 seats out of total 117, it got 38.5 per cent of total votes, while Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that came a distant second with 20 seats secured over 23 per cent of the total votes cast in the state.

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) with 15 assembly seats, however, got over 25 per cent of vote share.

The BJP, which was in alliance with the SAD, with just three seats got over five per cent of the total votes.

In Uttarkhand, the BJP won 57 seats out of 70 and got the maximum vote share of 46.5 per cent followed by the Congress with 33.5 per cent despite it winning only 11 seats.

The BJP in Goa, despite winning only 13 seats in the 40-member house, got more votes than the Congress at 32.5 per cent. The Congress, which emerged as the single-largest party with 17 seats in the state, secured over 28 per cent of the total votes.

In Manipur, the BJP with 21 seats got more vote share than the Congress with 28 seats. The BJP secured over 36 per cent of the total votes against Congress’ 35 per cent.



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