PNB scam: I fear for my safety, unable to return, Mehul Choksi to CBI in letter

Mehul Choksi

New Delhi, March 20: Gitanjali Group promoter Mehul Choksi, one of the accused in Punjab National Bank fraud case, has written a strong-worded letter to the CBI stating that he fears his safety as the issues raised remain unaddressed. 

In his email letter, Choksi again refuted to comeback citing health and business issues.

“I am extremely held up in my business abroad and am working hard to resolves the issues it is facing due to the unnecessary closure of the business in India due to untenable allegations. Further I am unable to travel to India due to my persisting health condition”, he said.

Choksi also alleged that actions taken by multiple agencies are unfair.

“I further inform that requiring me to join the investigation, though leaving me helpless and information less, by various actions taken by multiple agencies is unfair. The manner in which the allegations have been exaggerated has left me completely defenseless”, the businessman asserted.

Choksi said “Regional Passport Office hasn’t communicated with me & my passport remains suspended. I have deepest respect for your offices&assure you that I am not making any excuse, whatsoever to travel to India”.


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