PM’s brother asks Teli community to use Modi prefix

Prahlad Modi-min

New Delhi, November 22: Bhopal, November 20: Prahlad Modi, the younger brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has asked his community members to use prefix “Modi” to their names at the function of the Sahu Community.

“After coming here I am only hearing one thing, Narendra Modi is pride of India and of his community. But why we, the members of Teli Samaj (oil-makers’ community) are not ready to prefix Modi to our names,” Prahlad said.

He was here to attend at an all-India meet of young men and women of the ‘Sahu’ community.

He criticised leaders of community who prefer to use sub-castes such as Sahu, Chauhan, Parmar, Rathod and Jaiswal. He said they do so for their selfish motives.

Addressing the community he said, we all are children of Goddess Karma Devi and she was a Teli. So we all are Teli and Modis, he added.

We should resolve today that henceforth our name would begin with Modi…if we start with prefix Modi,  believe that our community’s population will add upto 14 crore.

Citing the unity of Patidar and Rajput communities he said Telis also need to unite and added, “they have sub-castes but their identity as Patidar and Rajput is intact.”

Last year Prahlad Modi centered a protest at Jantar Mantar by All India Fair Price Shop Federation against BJP government and said that it had “failed” to live up to the expectations of the ration shop keepers. He had even said the Modi government lacked the will to solve their problems.

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