PMO twitter handle and Rafale Deal

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Since the coming of the Social Media sites there is a war all over. The twitter and other social media sites are being misused vehemently. How India has been affected through Social Media is clear post 2014 elections, when the government bans internet services in the tense areas. Modi misuses PMO twitter handle.

Science has been a boon for the people of this world or not! This was a question my nephew asked me and I was baffled! I questioned myself and numbers of positive aspects were in support that Science is a boon for us. But is it a reality that we are behaving like ostrich — which buries it’s head in the sand of the coming of any enemy, thinking that it is now hidden.

Post 2014 there have been thousands of fake social media accounts germinating on daily basis in India and spreading fake news. Numbers of people who have been working for the political parties – IT department – have disclosed it number of times. Now, India is leading in the fake news business.

Is it right or wrong? Who can control it? Are few questions which are to be addressed to if we want a bright future!

The misuse of power has been a regular feature since ages. In the present time PM of India has been using the official twitter handle registered to the PM Office (@PMOIndia). In a recent tweet PM Narendra Modi has tweeted one political tweet. He has a personal twitter account but he is disrespecting the PMO at large, why?

Is it his habit of misusing the power, or he has done it unknowingly? The news article by The Hindu over the Rafale Deal clearly indicates that he is in habit of misusing his power. What will become of India if this continues!

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