PM Narendra Modi’s BA degree controversy will haunt him forever


Just two days after Information Commissioner M Sridhar Acharyulu ordered the inspection of Delhi University’s 1978 BA degree records , chief Information commissioner R K Mathur divested him of the charge of human resource development ministry .The inspection of DU degree records of 1978 assumes great importance as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi got his degree in the said year.

This is the second time when controversy over the educational qualification of prime Minister Narendra Modi sparked and Delhi University ‘s Registrar Tarun Das had in fact no authority to evade inspection on any grounds .

Acharyulu had assumed the charge of  human resource development ministry on December 29,2016 but was transferred within 10 days of his assuming duty after he allowed inspection of 1978 degree records  related to all the students  who had passed BA along with roll number,names of the students, father’s name and marks obtained .

The University thus declined to reveal the said records on plea that it was the  “personal information of the students concerned ,the disclosure of which has no relationship to any Public activity or interests” .

As far as the plea not to make public the details ,it may be pointed out that prime minister  and the leaders occupying positions in the government are in the public domain  and therefore their full information has to be revealed  to the public .

The government has also to explain to the public Why Mr Acharyulu was transferred in a hush -hush manner and as to why there is nervousness in the government quarters to  wrap these matters in secrecy.

First the issue was raised by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and now by a citizen of India to reveal full details of students who passed BA degree in 1978 from DU .

The controversial issue of Modi’s BA degree is being raised time and again as there are many discrepancies such as  the documents presented by the BJP leaders Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley show prime minister’s name spelt differently in the BA degree and the mark sheets as ‘Modi’ as well as ‘Mody’.

In some places ,it is Narendra Kumar Damoderdas and in others Narendra Damoderdas.

AAP national spokesperson Raghav Chadda had stated ” Photoshopped degree of Modiji printed in leading newspapers .NO admission record, marksheet, degree, convocation details exist in University.”

It is high time that Narendra Modi should clear the matters once and for all as public figures are not required to attain high academic qualifications.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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