PM Narendra Modi, an anaconda who is swallowing CBI, RBI: Andhra Pradesh finance minister

Nov 3 :Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister Yanamala Rama Krishnudu on Sunday has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi an anaconda that has swallowed all the institutions like CBI, RBI etc for the midnight removal of Alok Verma as the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The government gave the interim charge as the director of the agency to Joint Director M Nageshwar Rao.

Drawing the anaconda analogy, he accused the prime minister of having “swallowed all institutions” in the country. “Who can be a bigger Anaconda than Narendra Modi? He himself is the Anaconda that has swallowed all the institutions. He is swallowing up institutions like the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Reserve Bank of India,” he said.

Anacondas are non-poisonous snakes that are mainly found in South America. They are among the largest snakes in the world and are unique because they swallow their prey.

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry is speaking of past politics. Past can’t be present or future. But present and future will become past. The critics of TDP (Telugu Desam Party) should understand this. TDP was not established against any single party. It was founded against the system,” he said in another comment to news agency ANI.

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