PM Narendra Modi replaces Mahatma Gandhi in Khadi Udyog’s calendar

PM Narendra Modi

Delhi, 4 Jan: In another surprise and shocking move to all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture was seen on Khadi Udyog’s annual calendar and table diary instead of Mahatma Gandhi.

The pose was similar but the PM wore his signature attire of kurta-pyjama-waistcoat weaving Khadi on a modern charkha in contrast to Gandhi wearing his trademark loincloth.

However, employees at Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) seems not happy with the change and plan to stage “a silent, soul-cleansing” protest wearing black bands on their mouths, during lunch hour on Thursday.

“We are pained at this systematic easing out of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, philosophy and ideals by the government. Last year, the first attempt was made by including the PM’s photos in the calendar,” said a staffer.

But KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena defended the decision and said it wasn’t unusual and changes have been made in the past. “He (Modi) is khadi’s biggest brand ambassador, and his vision matches KVIC’s, of ‘Make In India’ by making villages self-sufficient, ‘skill development’ by generating employment among the rural masses, infuse modern technology for khadi weaving, innovations and marketing. Plus, the PM is a youth icon,” Saxena explained.

Even on social media also people were in an aggressive mood with the decision, most of the reaction came in the form of jokes and memes.

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