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PM Narendra Modi didn’t order probe against Raman Singh’s son in Panama Papers, says Rahul Gandhi

The Congress President stated “BJP’s remote control is in the hands of the RSS. In fact, Chhattisgarh is being run from Nagpur.”



Rahul Gandhi

Raipur, Aug 10 : Slamming BJP led NDA government at the centre for turning a blind eye to all the corruption cases, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said what type of chowkidari’ is being provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he didn’t even order an investigation into the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh’s son- Abhishak Singh, whose name has been mentioned in Panama papers.

The Congress President stated “BJP’s remote control is in the hands of the RSS. In fact, Chhattisgarh is being run from Nagpur.”

Citing  the example of Nawaz Sharif’s prosecution in Panama papers case,”When the name of former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif appeared in Panama papers, he was convicted in it. In Chhattisgarh when the name of your CM’s son comes in Panama papers, investigation doesn’t even begin. This is BJP-NDA’s ‘chowkidari,” Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he inaugurated the new Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee office building, ‘Rajiv Bhawan’in Raipur.

“I asked Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman , Why did she tell lies ? I didn’t get the response .I asked to look into my eyes, he was looking away from me. I can understand that. He cannot look into my eyes, I can see that because the Prime Minister has not been truthful.Why? Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a chawkidaar (watchman) but a bhagidaar (confidant) with corrupt businessman,” Rahul said.

“Maine Parliament mein Raksha Mantri se kaha ki apne Hindustan ko jhooth kyun bola? Jawab nahi mila.Jab maine Modi Ji ko kaha, wo apni aankh meri aaknh se nahi mila paye. Aapne TV mein dekha wo idhar udhar dekh rahe the.Kyun? Kyunki chowkidar bhaagidar ban gaya,” Gandhi said.


Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on girls raped in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh shelter homes, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that crime against women has increased in the last 4 years and something like this has never happened even in 3000 years. The Congress president asked why women are being raped in BJP ruled states and said, “In BJP-ruled states, women are not safe. Atrocities against women have risen alarmingly. It’s a question which arises not only in yours but also in the hearts of all women in India. Why are women being raped in BJP ruled states?” said Gandhi.

If a Chief Minister does not work for the youth, women, aadivasis of Chhattisgarh, then that CM does not deserve to survive a single day. Congress party, unlike BJP, does not belong to capitalists, it belongs to everyone: Congress President

Rahul again reiterated that PM has failed to provide jobs, “When asked about jobs, PM Modi says make pakodas. Things are so bad, that even Union Minister Nitin Gadkari asked: “Where are the jobs?”

Lambasting on PM Modi for not providing security to women, he said, “In BJP-ruled states, women are not safe. Atrocities against women have risen alarmingly.”

He said “PM Modi made a woman in Chhattisgarh lie about doubling her income. This is BJP’s model. Lie and encourage others to lie.”

The  Congress has claimed to possess evidence that the name “Abhishak Singh”,which found mention in the Panama Papers for having an offshore account in British Virgin islands, is the son of three-time Chief Minister Raman Singh.

The Congress has demanded the resignation of the Chattisgarh chief minister as well as his MP son and said that the Enforcement Directorate should investigate the matter.

In April 2013, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)  revealed the name “Abhishak Singh” in Panama Papers as having an offshore account in the British Virgin Islands, referred to Chief Minister Raman Singh’s son Abhishek.

Abhishek Singh is a BJP Lok Sabha MP from Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh.


Jaitley rejects Congress’ demand for JPC on Rafale



Arun Jaitley

New Delhi, Dec 14 : Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday rejected the Congress’ demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the Rafale aircraft deal and said the “family” was not above the Supreme Court in a democracy.

Addressing a press conference here with Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman hours after the Supreme Court dismissed petitions seeking a court-monitored probe into the purchase of 36 Rafale jet fighters, Jaitley said the apex court verdict was absolute and conclusive and the “truth in such matters come from judicial process and not on the basis of political partisan lines”.

“Was there any partiality in the deal? Was nation’s security compromised? Was the due process not followed? Truth in such cases is found through judicial process and not by dividing on partisan basis. Investigations can never be done and reviews of this can never be done by a body of partisan division,” he said.

Jaitley referred to the JPC over Bofors guns deal and said it was divided on political lines and conclusions of its chairman were subsequently rejected by courts.

He did not name Congress President Rahul Gandhi but accused him of spreading lies and attacked him repeatedly.

“In politics all over the world there is a tradition that if you lie, you resign or can be impeached. Presidents have been impeached for speaking lies. At least this should happen. Till yesterday Congress was demanding a discussion on Rafale. Today we said start it immediately. Those who built untruth, they should keep it in Parliament,” he said.

Asked about Gandhi’s allegation of crony capitalism, he said “people not able to understand complex issues rely on such slogans”.

“That is my understanding of his politics,” Jaitley said and termed Gandhi’s allegations of procedures not being followed in the deal as “fiction writing”.

Asked about the Congress stance that judiciary was not the right forum to decide about the deal, Jaitley alleged that the narrative was being created by Nehru-Gandhi family.

“They refuse to accept even the Supreme Court verdict just because of falsehood created by a family. In our democracy, family is not above the Supreme Court. Do they think the untruth of a family is above the Supreme Court?”

He said there was a fundamental difference between truth and falsehood.

“The truth always holds together, explains everything but falsehood was bound to fall apart, indeed it has a short life. In this case, it is few months. Falsehood lowers credibility of creator. The Rafale issue had each of these features. The disrupters have lost and lost on all counts,” he said.

Jaitley said the Congress lost on the count that the need for the fighter jet was “acute and necessary”.

“Why was national security compromised, the need of Indian Air Force compromised,” he asked.

Rejecting charges about the government’s involvement in the award of offsets, he said government had nothing to do with it and Dassault Aviation, the makers of Rafale fighter jet, had taken the decision.

Asked about the different prices given by the government and by Rahul Gandhi of the Rafale fighter jet, Jaitley said “government is correct and all figures given by Rahul Gandhi are wrong”.

He said the government had stated that the price of basic Rafale fighter was nine per cent cheaper compared to the cost negotiated by the UPA government and that of weaponised aircraft was 20 per cent cheaper at 2016 prices.

He said escalation clauses in the agreement were differently worded and there would be further increase in prices. “Truth only has one version. Falsehood has many,” Jaitley said.

Sitharaman said if the Congress does not stop its allegations, it will also be exposed politically.

The Congress on Friday accused the government of trying to hide its “theft” in the Rafale deal behind the court ruling and persisted with its demand for a JPC inquiry.

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RAW and IB chiefs’ tenure extended



RAW and IB chiefs

New Delhi, Dec 14: The central government on Friday extended by six months the tenure of A.K. Dhasmana, Secretary, Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW) and Rajiv Jain, Director, Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The extensions were approved by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC).

Jain’s tenure was to end on December 30 and that of Dhasmana on December 29.

The ACC also re-designated NITI Aayog advisor as “Principal Advisor.”


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Sexual exploitation of women now criminal offence in Jammu and Kashmir



rape abuse exploitation harassment
Representative Image

Jammu, Dec 14: Jammu and Kashmir on Friday became the first state to have a law explicitly banning sexual exploitation of woman by those in positions of authority, having a fiduciary relationship or by a public servant.

The State Administrative Council (SAC) headed by Governor Satya Pal Malik approved the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2018, and the Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

“The Bill seeks to amend the state Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) whereby specific offence under Section 354E is being inserted to provide for the offence of ‘Sextortion’.

“Amendments are being made in Sections 154, 161 and Schedule of Criminal Procedure Code and Section 53A of the Evidence Act so as to bring sextortion at par with similar offences prescribed under the RPC.

“Amendment is being made in Prevention of Corruption Act to amend the definition of misconduct and to provide that demand for sexual favours would also constitute misconduct within the meaning of Section 5,” an official statement said.


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