PM Modi’s utter failure to understand Pakistan’s policy towards Kashmir


Exactly after 32 days ,Prime Minister  Narendra Modi chose to address the Kashmir crisis only after Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s participation in the SAARC meeting and when Pakistan is daily issuing controversial statements  to further  complicate  and aggravate  the Kashmir issue .About 56 people have died in the relentless violence and 5000 injured in the protests that erupted after security forces shot down Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani, 22-year-old terrorist  who had turned into a local youth icon partly through his agile use of social media.

PM Modi must understand that Kashmir is of utmost importance to India  and any issue related to it ,be it infiltration, attack on Indian forces, clashes or protests  etc should be solved on immediate basis.

But PM Modi sought to address the  Kashmiris and Kashmir issue from Madhya Pradesh  and where he invoked the famous commitment of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to a Kashmir policy with humanity as its essence coupling ‘insaniyat with jamooriyat’(democracy) .

Meanwhile,Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has written letters to UN Secretary General Ban KI- Moon and UN high Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein urging efforts  to end the ” persistent and egregious violation of the basic human rights” of the Kashmiri people and also to implement UN SC resolutions.


In fact Modi has failed to delve deep into the intricacies of the Kashmir problem with dire repercussions on the national security. His lapse has also resulted in Kashmiri protesters making a common cause with the Muslims not only of Uttar Pradesh but of all the regions across the country.

Modi has been used to making observations outside the Parliament without any responsibility to address the issues  inside parliament  where Opposition  can correct the government  and contribute meaningfully to the concerns of the nation.

This attitude of PM Modi is highly condemnable as it amounts to shunning his responsibilities towards the country .PM Modi has sadly failed  to find any solution  to the burning problem an appears  to be beating about the bush. This sense of his dealing  with the core problems  of the nation which needs immediate solution will not only  cost him dearly in Uttar Pradesh , Gujarat assembly elections that are due in 2017  but also  in 2019 Lok Sabha elections  when the BJP may be forced  to relinquish power.


The present government shows utter lack of political wisdom in not capturing Wani alive that would have taken the sting out of the protesters strategy of prolonging the violence. Rather Modi has been so unwittingly dancing to the tunes  set by Pakistan establishment  and terror organisations  thereby damaging the interests of his own country.  When Kasab can be captured alive in spite of causalities  then Why not Wani this time , that would have enabled India to study the secret plans of Pakistan  government  and the terror groups operating in that country  .Like  Pakistani terrorist Bahadur Ali alias Saifullah ,who has been captured alive and during interrogation has revealed  that Pakistan Army involve din training  terror recruits  before launching them  into India  and Afghanistan

Pakistan from the very beginning is  taking all round steps at the government level as well as by the various terror organisations to snatch Kashmir from India . But this time due to Modi incompetency, various elements such as ISI,terror groups, Nawaz Sharif government and Pakistan army  succeeded in launching systematic attacks (First Gurdaspur in Punjab on July 27,2015; then Udhampur on Agust5,2015)on India’s most formidable Air Force Base in Pathankot and in further infiltrating in Jammu and Kashmir  region  to such an extent that they managed to bring turmoil in Kashmir as pro-Pakistan slogans were raised in Kashmir  . These incidents are having grave repercussions on India’s security  and Kashmir .


Wani’s capture  would have changed the very intensity of the protests in Kashmir and the present situation could have been averted. The government  should have applied its defence apparatus  to capture Wani alive so  so that his death would not have become the rallying point for all the violence being unleashed  by the protesters.Now, Wani’s father has emerged as a symbol of protest and has even squarely pushed his daughter to struggle. .Mehbooba has rightly asked PM Modi  to come in Kashmir and apply his skills  to calm down the unrest that is  so damaging to the Kashmir issue.


The unpopularity of PM Modi is clearly brought out by the wide  support that Congress received during rally in Varanasi from almost every quarter of political denomination.

Blog : By Arti Bali,
(Senior Journalist)

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