PM Modi’s silence in lynching crimes is just like complicit: Congress

New Delhi, July 9 : Targeting the government over the increasing incidents of lynching, Veteran Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Monday termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continued silence as “criminal” and said it will be “considered complicit in these crimes”.

While addressing a press conference, the Congress leader Tiwari said, ” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s criminal silence on the growing incidents is deafening.”

Former MP  went ahead to ask Modi, “Is the country, under the BJP rule, turning into a mobocracy, where anarchy prevails?”

“Through this tacit support, they are abetting such hooligans to take law and order in their own hands and believe they will be protected by the government of the day. Amit Shah, the BJP President has also refrained from taking any action on any of these ministers and BJP members, who continue to support such hooligans through statements and such acts. Those who stay silent and act as mute spectators, will be considered complicit in these crimes, “Tiwari said.

Referring to the recent incidents of supporting and garlanding of mob lynching convicts by the BJP union ministers, Tiwari said that Modi government is protecting lynching convicts and without mentioning Home Minister Rajnath Singh, he said, BJP ministers are giving ‘clean chit to Modi government’ by using the word ‘Kadi Ninda’ which is a standard response.

Minister of State Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha recently garlanded those convicted in the Ramgarh mob lynching incident, MoS MSME, Giriraj Singh specially paid a visit in jail to those accused of inciting communal violence and MoS Culture and Environment,Dr. Mahesh Sharma visited the accused of Dadri Mob lynching and supported the draping of the coffin of one of the accused with Tri-color.

“India, under the watch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has seen more than a four and half times rise in attacks and a twofold rise in deaths due to mob lynching in 2017. The responsibility of maintaining law and order is that of the elected government. These growing incidents of violence show that people have lost their faith in the BJP government, ” he added.

Since January 2018, 61 mob attacks sparked by rumors circulated on social media have been reported and this trend is growing by the day. Mob lynching on the basis of rumors has become the norm of the day where people have started believing that they can take law & order in their own hands & dispense instant justice on basis of mere rumors.

The Congress leader attacked IT Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad for  blaming he social media platforms for mob lynching incidents.

The NCRB data shows clearly that there is no correlation between the rise in reported child kidnappings and the spread of mob

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