PM Modi’s robotic interview misleading nation: Congress

Anand Sharma, File Photo

New Delhi, Sep 3, 2016: Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma on Saturday reacted strongly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview with CNN-IBN by saying that yet again, PM Modi mislead the nation and also accused previous government, which was not required.

In an AICC press briefing, Congress spokesperson said: “Yesterday PM Modi had participated in an interview where the questions and answers appeared to be prepared by PMO and PM Modi misled the nation, yet again.

After being in power for 27 months, these excuses are not expected. Instead of making comments on the previous government, Modi should instead talk about all of his electoral promises which have remained unfulfilled, he said.

Lashing out on Modi over Indian economy, Sharma said PM spoke on India’s economy. During the UPA term, in 10 years we increased our GDP four-fold. He added that “PM knows very little about the economic situation in India. Indeed, it seems that people are circumspect to give him the real picture.”

UPA had left a stable economy. Nearly 14 crore people came out of poverty and India’s merchandise export was $323 Billion but for the last two years it has been constantly falling, he said.

Showing concern on economy, Sharma said: Today our economy is in a worrying situation. Key parameters like National Saving Rate & National Investment Rate have fallen and for the first time the Investment rate has fallen below the Saving Rate.

While challenging the Modi-led ruling government, Sharma lamented that Jobs have not been created. And we challenge the government to come out with a White Paper to tell the country about falling investment rate falling manufacturing, non creation of new capacities, gross capital formation falling in double digits, job loss, fall in exports to $261 million. It would have been better if he held a Press Conference, then he could have been asked tough questions.

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