PM Modi’s false claims at US Congress address

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arti bali

By Arti Bali

(Senior Journalist)

AMit Shah claimed that BJP has given India  a prime minister who speaks  but he failed  to explain where he speaks  and how he  reacts on domestic problems and to what extent his high-octave diplomacy has seriously damaged India’s foreign policy.

Lack of clarity and absence of strategic planning  are the hallmarks  of his utterances and actions in foreign countries.  Narendra Modi is often heard saying that he is a new prime minister  but a PM is supposed  to know the ins and outs of his profile within a span of one week. Moreover his reference  to corruption in India   while in foreign country  lands looks absurd  as Modi should shed his egoism of having won th general elections  with a extraordinary  mandate  rather he should focus on how he has  performed  after winning the  mandate.Sadly Modi government failed to create jobs that he lodly promised in every rally and  is the need of the hour.

In Modi’s term as PM tere has been aggressive pursuit of neo liberal policies  which are fact creating greater hardships  for the people, sharpening of communal polarisation and increase in authorisation  almost eroding  all democratic  norms  and practices.

Modi who recently addressed US Congress  spoke on issues ranging from climate change to terrorism, defence and security cooperation to trade and economic
relationship without pointing out the primary contribution of UPA government of making a Indo-US civil nuclear deal a success  inspire of united opposition of BJP and left parties .

Moreover Modi floated various Ideas  during his speech at US congress creating value for our societies while BJP is busy in demolishing the very democratic and secular structures in the country.

Than Modi said that his party is looking on  long term benefits;but to the contrary  Modi and BJP leaders are polarising the nation for achieving immediate results in every elections.

Modi  quotation at US congress: Not just on building a bright future for our peoples, but in being a bridge to a more united, humane and prosperous world.

But the fact is he has snatched the very basic right of an Indian who is facing hardships even to earn  two square meals and unemployed youth  and debt  ridden people are committing suicides unable to bear the expenses of a costly education.

Congress however cautioned Modi not to  become  a blind follower of United States.because so far wherever US intervenes there have been problems for the countries  where it had meddled–Shah of Iran went in exile  after following  blindly uS policies of liberalism that ultimately gave way to Islamic Republic of Iran that afterwards even became  a thorn in American eyes.

US always single mindedly pursuesits own interests   unmindful of the interests of otherv countries  to maintain its superpower status. It is this context that Khamenei  has said that Iran cannot trust US and UK.

Modi who is always criticising the country’s opposition  for creating  hurdles in  his path of  governance ,should rather draw lessons from other countries like Libya, Iraq that have failed to come out of the mess created by US.

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