PM Modi’s deceiving policies lay exposed 

Narendra Modi

Whenever there are elections and BJP foresees a slippery ground, Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes an emotional appeal by blackmailing Janta and this time during Gujarat assembly elections he says that he knows that he will have to pay a political price  for the  steps (Demonetisation and GST) he has taken for the nation to take it to a certain destination.

By this narrative, Modi tries to project himself as if he has done such an extraordinary thing that no leader on this earth (World) has ever done it for the good for the  nation.But I would like to differ as none of the objectives of  Demonetisation have been achieved which Modi hails as his historic decision to curb terrorism, war on corruption and to eliminate counterfeit currency.

His main purpose was to widen the tax base  by holding the neck of every poor man  including BPL families ,debt ridden farmers  even when they were committing suicides  under the burden of poverty or debt.

When people exchanged old currency with the new one in banks, Modi wrongly concluded that people are having lots of cash and are not paying taxes  but he is unaware of the fact that every person is pulling a family with no security of pension, income or business  coupled with high inflation and costly education for the children.

The already taxed money lying with the poor people for contingency has been termed as black money by the Modi Government and has been taxed again by the government. It is clear that he has no sense of the poverty.

Modi diverted the mind of the people of India who were demanding 15 lakh from the Modi government which he promised during the time of 2014 Lok Sabha Polls in every Indian account by bringing black money from abroad. Both BJP President Amit Shah and Modi dismissed the demand of the voters saying that it was ‘Jumla’ to seek vote from the people  and win the elections.

Modi ended up saying that I promised to unearth black money and through demonetisation it is confirmed that the black money  was in circulation in India  and hence there is no black money abroad and if it comes through Panama or Paradise papers (714 Indian entities) it will directly go to the government coffers.

His another excuse  that Demo will eliminate Terrorism have also proved false as infiltration and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir  has increased  and the high pitch marketing of surgical strikes has increased the attacks on our Indian forces leading to many casualties and Modi government pats its  back by terming those casualties as Martyrs. If it had been maturely handled then a majority of our soldiers would have been saved.

The objective of counterfeit currency was also not achieved as Pounds, Dollars  and Euros are the top currencies plagued by counterfeit currency  and no country has evolved or implemented this fake theory of demonetisation to deal with it.

Modi’s aim was to push India into digital transactions, benefit the digital companies  and misled the people of the country  justifying the action as a necessary tool to make the nation corruption free.

Rather not only the privacy but the entire account details, investment, properties of Indians have come under the public domain  with the mandatory implementation of Aadhar which is not secure.People’s money are now at great risk as there have been many instances where Aadhar details have been leaked  and cyber laws are so loosely  formulated that money can be siphoned off if there is any cyber attack.

PM Modi is in a great hurry to implement all faulty policies such as GST that have added an additional burden on the already crushed Indians  along with high inflation which is the by product of the new reforms.

Moreover the interest rates on savings  have been slashed that has pushed the people into further poverty.

Political angle was also there as Uttar Pradesh elections were round the corner in 2016  and Modi wanted to gather support for BJP and he deliberately announced suddenly so that no political party will have enough money to campaign and the demonetisation was leaked to selective people as Congress leader Ananad Sharma rightly said that “BJP units deposited crores into banks before the currency ban.”

Earlier, PM Modi similarly blackmailed people of India at a public meeting in Goa by beating his chest “I’ve given up everything. sacrificed my life for the nation.” Without taking names but apparently referring to opposition criticism, PM Modi had said : “I know the forces are against me, they may not let me live… they may ruin me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am prepared.”

And the opposition asked about to reveal which are those forces who are troubling you but PM Modi has kept evasive true to his style. Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is virtually running away from the debate on many issues by delaying the winter session of Parliament and Congress led Opposition is up in arms to attack BJP led government from various quarters even reminding PM about fulfilling his promise of maximum governance and minimum government.


By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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