PM Modi to participate in G20 virtual summit

modi saarc

New Delhi, March 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the virtual summit of G20 leaders to discuss the coordinated response to the novel coronavirus pandemic on Thursday. The meeting will be chaired by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman.

According to sources, the video conferencing will take place from 5.30 p.m. on Thursday evening till 7 p.m.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that the G-20 is going to play an important role in facing the COVID-19 threat. It is believed that in the meeting there will be an effective discussion on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the measures to mitigate its effect.

The member countries may also discuss and announce a package to deal with the crisis.

Leaders from G20 member countries will be joined by those from other coronavirus-affected nations, including Spain, Jordan, Singapore, and Switzerland.
Several international organisations — including the United Nations, World Bank, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization will take part.
Leaders from the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Financial Stability Board, the International Labour Organization, International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — will also be the part of the conference.

Over 150 countries are affected by the coronavirus. According to data from the John Hopkins University, 4,38,000 people worlwide have been infected with this disease, and the death toll has crossed 20,000.

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