PM Modi still looking for demonetisation views for replying in Parliament


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is shying away to address the nation on his demonetisation scheme in the Parliament but has resorted to introducing app where by asking the public to participate in a survey where  a number of questions have been posedon the scrapping of Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes.It is strange that he did not analyze the effects of his scheme and thrust  down its implementation without analyzing the situation. Modi even did not think over the problems that were likely to arise for common man, farmers, traders, daily wagers whose mode of transaction is only through cash.

Utterly disregarding the Parliament and the Constitution, he unilaterally implemented the scheme with a four hour deadline on November 8,2016 which was to pose grave difficulties for the common man. Congress Leader Anand Sharma raised very pertinent questions in the Parliament which Modi ignores blatantly and instead desires a feedback from the Indian people where farmers, daily wagers, petty traders and contractual labour is illiterate and cannot even read the sign board of ATMs stating “Cash not Available” and continue to stand in queues ignorant of the situation.

After November8 announcement Mr Modi has chosen to sit in his room  and watch the hue and cry of the Opposition inside and outside the Parliament and the public.Now Modi is busy trying to prepare replies based on the random responses of his polarised survey to counter the Opposition in the Parliament.

The situation crossed all limits when Finance Ministry Arun Jaitley stated that he is now trying to address the suffering of farmers who are unable to harvest and market the Kharif crop and  are facing cash crunch for buying seeds for Rabi crop which will be harvested in May 2017.How it will adversely affect the agricultural production can be anybody’s guess.

Even the industrial sector has been immensely hit where workers and labourers are standing outside banks and ATMs for collecting cash.

Moreover,the All India Bank officers Confederation has called for the resignation of Reserve Bank of India governor Urjit Patel for taking the moral responsibility for the current financial crisis in the country and the deaths of more than 50 people including bank officials.

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By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist







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