Narendra Modi should quit


Modi government has shown its skills in multiplying the problems for India  that have a great bearing on the country’s image globally.

Dalits are being flogged by cow vigilantes in Una and several incidents of atrocities on Dalits in BJP ruled states occurred after that.

BJP government’s actions does not match with words. On one side Union urban development Minister M Venkaih Naidu states that anyone who discriminates against  any other  human being  cannot be called a Hindu while on the contrary Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, which is the backbone of BJP is creating tensions and disputes with other communities  and religions.

As a result of the rise of the right-wing party BJP, the RSS and other allied or sister organisations  related to students, labour,social,agricultural,business  groups is increasing its influence on social issues, education and economic policies,  thus damaging the very fabric of people enshrined in our constitution.

But Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignored atrocities on Dalits, Muslims on  Mann Ki Baat or any interview with Indian media . Amazingly, Modi has no power to even ask his ministers or MPs not to indulge in dividing Indian society on caste , creed and religious lines,  which is infact the A-B-C of our Constitution. However, to showcase himself as the biggest Prime Minister since independence, Modi  indulges in propaganda of initiating Start Up India scheme for STs and SCs.

Who is going to tell  him that empowering weaker sections means to do something on the ground. People will themselves speak  and there is no need of propaganda. Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel resigned   on the basis of party’s practice of giving the chance to younger leaders. Well, it will be under wraps who hatched conspiracy for her exit  but Naidu praised her saying ,” Anandiben has set an example for lakhs of BJP workers”.

Narendra Modi was the chief minister for the longest period in Gujarat i.e. 13 years, then  why  23 year old Hardik Patel  and the Patel agitation happened.  Patels who account for 14% of the state’s population  distanced themselves from the party. Why the Dalits (7% of the total population)feel discriminated in Gujarat?.

In the month of July, four Dalit men were beaten up for skinning a dead cow by self appointed Gau Rakshaks and many incidents occurred thereafter. Controversial BJP MP Thakur Raja Singh Lodh has said that Dalits  who were found skinning dead cows or carrying cow meat deserved to be beaten up by ‘gau rakshaks’.

He further said,” I extend my full support  to them  to teach these Dalits a lesson and I want to tell secularists, political leaders  and especially Mayawati ji  who are criticizing the attack on Dalits that it is because  of a few Dalits  that others in the community who are patriotic and religious  are getting a bad name”.

Now, the question emerges;  Who will protect humans? . It appears that life of an Indian is not at all precious for BJP government that’s why our Armymen are being killed at the borders  and nothing is being done to ban the controversial statements of MPs on religion or communities.

Modi turns India into Middle East

Modi has transformed India into a most chaotic country  resembling  the countries of Mid-east  that are struggling for survival for the last 6 years . It appears that Modi government is unable to deal with the situation (Nach Na jane Aagan Teda) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi should quit  for the sake of his and party’s own survival without any further delay.

Congress to gain in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections

The Most backward classes form the substantial votebank in Uttar Pradesh and about 10% of the population is of Brahmins and Muslims make about 18.5% of UP vote-bank. All these three castes will not vote for BJP  and Congress is the best option for them as Congress president Sonia Gandhi  during her first rally/ road show in Varanasi said, “ The Congress is not just an organization…it is a thought process…and it is present in every city, every village and house and … this is that thought that can keep the country united.”

This has even awakened  the US authorities  who are demanding that Modi government to act strongly against violence against Muslims and dalits  and show results.

Patriotism and nationalism is a feeling that  keeps the country united  and not disintegrating for the lust of power .

Blog : By Arti Bali,
(Senior Journalist)
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