PM Modi should avoid casual approach to Kashmir unrest


By Arti Bali,(Sr Journalist)

Nero was playing on a fiddle  while the Rome was burning —-this amply fits in the present situation when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers undertake foreign tours while the national integrity is at stake in Kashmir.

The Kashmir situation has deteriorated  dangerously  during Modi’s tenure as Prime Minister and he will have to take entire blame for the current situation that involves 78 killings of protesters , the longest period of curfew witnessed by Kashmiris  and emergence of Islamic ideology in the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir .

Making random approaches without first  understanding the gravity of the situation by not discussing the various dimensions of the problem with the previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress party president  has brought the country to such a dangerous edge.

His unexpected  and casual meeting with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif  that amounted to romantic approaches  basically have been responsible  for the recent unrest in Kashmir.

PM never bothered to call Mehbooba Mufti to discuss and find  the real solution  to the ongoing  problem in Kashmir  and rather blatantly ignored it as he was busy with the elections in various parts of the country.

Modi must understand that the entire blame will not fall on the shoulders  of Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti because  she became chief minister during an unexpected turn of events   and this was infact in alliance with BJP in the state  and Narendra Modi being PM will have to shoulder the main blame for this chaos.

The all-party delegation led by Home Minister Rajnath Singh  and the Intelligence agencies informed Modi that the current unrest  is quite different  from those in the past years  so far as it has acquired utter religious dimensions  of Hindi-Muslim divide.

The seeds for which were sown  by BJP MPs during  the two and a half- rule of Modi’s regime by communalising the environment  in the entire country by upping the cow Rakshaka movements, Dadrilynching incidents  and creating a sense of terror  among the Muslims of the country .

The government was repeatedly warned by the media  to guard against such developments .Now,the sufi culture of Kashmir has taken the culture of Wahabism  and the Hindu-Muslim clashes are being witnessed on the sacred soil of pur country and small kids  in Kashmir are holding placards of “Go India back”.

Sadly,it is pointed out  that Pakistan has been indulging  in such conspiracies  or games from the very beginning and the government failed to play  a proactive role to curb these anti-India elements .

God forbids if any part of Kashmir is stripped  away from India our beloved Prime Minister’s name will be written in the blackest words.

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