PM Modi refuses to honour elected Parliament on demonetization


After one month of demonetization, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is running the government on social networking sites and he considers that elected legislators to the parliament have no relevance.

The entire Opposition has been demanding and pressing for Modi’s reply in the Parliament but he arrogantly goes on posting tweets, which has no meaning at all. He also speaks about demonetization in the Uttar Pradesh and Punjab rallies but later he terms his utterances as ‘Jumlas’ which means that these have no official responsibility.

Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi rightly underlined that Modi’s foolish decision has devastated the country, layoffs are happening  and farmers are dying .

Further his scheme upsets the lives of the people of all the States across India and the state governments are making a hue and cry of the sufferings of their people but Modi is ‘playing the fiddle while the Rome is burning.”

Digital Transactions but No Cyber laws

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley instead rolled out discounts to woo citizens to make use of digital transactions but fails to install cyber security parameters for digital payments . His simplistic approach needs outright condemnation as lack of cyber and security laws pertaining to digital payments puts the onus on customers who use such services.

PM Modi treats people of India as ‘subjects’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet “I salute the people of India for wholeheartedly participating in this ongoing Yagna against corruption , terrorism and black money, A degree of inconvenience is a short term pain will pave way for long term gains.”

The contents of Modi tweet run diametrically opposite to the facts as stated below

  • The people are not participating in this scheme. Rather they are being compelled into this reckless experiment of an irrational scheme which:
  • Which is resulting in big loss in food grains Production due to delayed harvesting of Kharif crop and non-sowing of Rabi crop.
  • The people of India are being treated as ‘subjects’ of PM Modi’s while they are citizens of Independent India.
  • It appears that the PM does not understand what is a Yajna or a sacrifice.
  • The fact is that the blackmoney had been cornered by few industrialists and other influential people known to every common man. The Central government leadership is living in a fool’s paradise if it still thinks that they will win any election in any state in India. The reality is that they will even lose power in the general elections in 2019.

Bank officials harassing customers

Another problem that the demonetization has created that the bank employees and police have started assaulting and autocratically dealing with bank customers who come to withdraw money or get it transferred from one account to another .To quote instances they even ignore to refer to data available in the Aadhar card and go on harassing customers on one pretext or the other.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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