PM Modi not ‘chowkidar’ but ‘bhagidar, says Rahul

New Delhi, July 20: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the debate on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha, accusing him of  being a “bhagidaar and not chowkidar” and said he had been benefiting his “industralist friends” while poor and marginalised are being ignored.

Gandhi asserted: “Modi ji only talks to suit boot wale (suited booted) bade (big) businessmen. Those who earned money with medium and small businesses, you robbed them. It’s a reality that you cannot change.”

“You go and help bigwigs, but when it comes to poor, you fail to do anything… Farmers beg for waivers. Finance minister keeps saying ‘no’. Petrol prices are decreasing all around the world, except in India,” Gandhi added.

“The PM doesn’t go out… he travels abroad but never leaves his security cordon. He doesn’t speak to small businessmen just to the suit boot people. What’s in the heart of the poor and marginalised doesn’t reach the PM,” Rahul says. “You pickpocketed the poor… those who run small businesses and establishments.”

Referring to the PM’s Jio advertisement, Rahul Gandhi adds, “The PM does things for those who help him. But for the rest of the country and its workforce, the PM doesn’t have a place in his heart.


Targeting the government on GST, Rahul said, “The GST was brought by the Congress party. You opposed it when you were the chief minister of Gujarat. We wanted one GST, with petrol and diesel in it, and the country to have one tax with the least disruption. But the PM’s GST now has five taxes, killing small traders and destroying crores of people.”


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