PM Modi must clear BJP’s stand over caste remarks made on Lord Hanuman, says Shankaracharya 


Mathura, Dec 25 :Furious with BJP for linking castes and communities with Hindu Gods,Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshjanand Deo Tirth has warned Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and other politicians to stop vitiating the atmosphere by attributing castes and communities to Lord Hanuman while calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other senior Bharatiya Janata Party leaders to clear their stand on the issue.

It is important to mention that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath dubbed Lord Hanuman a Dalit, then  many political leaders described the deity’s caste  as Jat, Thakur, a sportsman and a Muslim. The seer reminded that gods and goddesses are above caste and religion.

Advising the BJP leader to restrain  from making disrespectful remarks about gods and goddesses, Hindu seer said,”On one side the BJP, from time to time, has been bringing up the Ram temple issue and on the other, its leaders are making absurd remarks on Hindu gods and goddesses, hurting religious sentiments.”

The seer even questioned  BJP top leadership how the saffron party approved Nawab’s remarks calling the deity a Muslim, then “the party will have to get a mosque constructed for Lord Hanuman”.

The Shankaracharya said the CM had hurt religious sentiments with his remarks. “Adityanath and other leaders’ remarks on Hanuman have vitiated the atmosphere in the country,” the seer added.


Uttar Pradesh Sports Minister and former cricketer Chetan Chauhan had said on Sunday that Hanuman was a sportsperson.

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