PM Modi is no Mahatma Gandhi: Hardik Patel, returns home after 6 months


Jan 17: Activist Hardik Patel on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Khadi calendar and dairy row and he asserted that he will renew the reservation demand for Patidars’ in government jobs and colleges.

Earlier in 2016, Patel was granted bail in sedition case on the condition that he will stay out of Gujarat for six months and the deadline ended today.

Attacking Prime Minister Modi Patel said that “You wear a two lakh-rupee suit and call yourself Gandhi… you can’t sit on the charkha and call yourself Gandhi.” 

The whole issue of Khadi row was created as Mahatma Gandhi was replaced with Narendra Modi in the Khadi dairy and calendar. The opposition parties have criticized it. The Modi government says it is an “unnecessary controversy.”

Hardik Patel has vowed to ensure the defeat of the ruling BJP in Gujarat – PM Modi’s home state, where assembly elections will be held later this year. Patel accuses the BJP of betraying the Patels, a powerful community that had faithfully backed the party.

“I don’t care about cases against me, but firmly demand reservation,” said Hardik Patel, adding, “We will oppose the BJP ahead of the Uttar Pradesh polls. We will campaign and stand with parties that support us.”

“About a lakh workers have been asked to assemble at Ratanpur and Himmatnagar to welcome Hardik. He will then spell out the future course of action,” said Varun Patel, a leader of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti.

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