PM Modi greets nation on new year,highlights BJP govt’s achievements


New Delhi, Dec 30 : In his 51st edition of his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat,Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he hoped that in 2019 too, India will continue its journey of growth and development.

Modi said in 2018, health insurance scheme, Ayushman Bharat were launched by the government. Electricity reached every village of the country. World agencies recognise that India is pulling its citizens out of poverty at a record pace.

Modi has urged the common people to visit Kumbh. He also asked the citizens to share their image in social media. He said, ” World’s top rated agencies have accepted that, India is pulling its people out of poverty.”

Explaining why he began the monthly programme, the Prime Minister said that it was his wish to reach out to the masses with the great story of India. “From remote villages to Metro cities, from farmers to young professionals … the array just prompted me to embark upon this journey of ‘Mann Ki Baat’,” he said.

PM said,”Our daughters have made us proud in 2018. The 16-year-Rajni won the gold medal in Junior women’s boxing Championship. Pune’s 20-year-old Vedangi Kulkarni has become the fastest Asian woman to travel around the world on a cycle. For 159 days, she used to cycle 300km each day. Her passion for cycling is commendable.”

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