PM Modi, French government signed Rafale deal: Congress

Rafale deal scam

New Delhi, Aug 28: The Congress on Tuesday said that the Rafale deal was made directly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the French government.

Addressing a press conference, Senior Congress leader  Jaipal Reddy stated ” The Rafale deal was made directly by PM Modi and the French government, adding Foreign Secretary had no idea just 2 days before the deal was announced by the Prime Minister.

He further told media that “Only one person in the country knew about the contract-Anil Ambani. That’s why 12 days before the contract was signed he formed the company because he knew he would get it”.

“Just 2 days before the contract was announced by PM Modi, the Foreign Secretary had announced that HAL is part of the contract”.

“It was a direct deal between  PM Narendra Modi and Mr. Anil Ambani. Why weren’t Defence Minister & Foreign Secretary taken into confidence?, he asked.

The Congress leader questioned How do the private company do it with zero experience? And how isn’t the Defence Minister aware of this?

“When PM Modi reached an agreement with President of France, it was stated that configuration would be the same. What is the bonanza for Anil Ambani? Why this gigantic favour for one individual?”, he further added.

Citing the difference between UPA deal and the Modi government deal, the Congress leader described contract as brazen and a gargantuan.

“This is a brazen and a gargantuan contract. Brazen because, none of the procedures were followed. Gargantuan because, the difference between UPA deal and the current deal is ₹41,000 Crore”.


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