Flourishing drug trade in Punjab under Akali-BJP regime


arti bali

By Arti Bali

(Senior Journalist)

Congress Vice -President Rahul Gandhi has been highlighting  the drug menace  in Punjab that has virtually wiped out the entire  young generation of the state. Thus the 2017 Punjab polls verdict  will decide the fate of the Akali government as well as  cast serious repercussions on its alliance  partner ie BJP which is apparently in connivance  in this drug trade business.

Mr Modi thus owes an explanation  to the nation for endangering the security of the country as was amply revealed  by the Pathankot terror probe  where SP Salwinder Singh and his driver found connected  with Pakistan drug mafia.Gurdaspur SP Salwinder, whose vehicle was forcibly taken away by terrorists, was moving without his security.

This is the second incident of negligence in terror incidents by Punjab Police. NIA should also probe the relationship between drug traffickers and Punjab Police.There are many instances of the relationship of drug traffickers with administration and politicians. Did the terrorists utilise these relations to enter Punjab?
Many in the Punjab Police owe their careers to proximity to politicians and  statewide narcotics racket
Interrogations reveal Gurdaspur SP would be remunerated in diamonds for allowing drugs to enter Punjab.
•NIA to ascertain if Salwinder presence very close to the border on 31 Dec was to facilitate the smuggling in of drugs or precious stones.
•The SP is said to be close to at least one Akali Dal leader, Sucha Singh Langah, a former minister for public works and agriculture

Pakistan  is working under two pronged theory  to destabilize India by  exporting drugs in the border stat of Punjab to  make it collapse  because Punjab could only withstand the onslaught of the enemy country while spreading terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir  which they considered as part and parcel of their own struggle.

The drug trade was carried out under the patronage  of Akali government and Punjab police which worked under them.PM Modi was not ignorant  of the fact  but chose  to support them  for vote consideration  and for lust of power where as Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi  in opposition performed his bounden duty to repeatedly raise  this issue in 2012 when he said that  more than 70% of the Punjab youngsters are addicted to drugs..

It may not be out of context to refer to the resignation of senior Akali leader and minister  Sarwan Singh Phillaur  where his son was found engaged  in
drug trade business.

Punjab Police can deliver  if minister and politicians  want to rid the state of the poppy husk.

The AKali-BJP nexus  is so deep that Sukhbir singh Badal’s wife Harsimrat Kaur Badal continues to remain  as Union Cabinet Minister of Food Processing in the Government of India with PM Modi being in knowledge  of  this drug menace.

The Udta Punjab controversy has given a huge momentum to the Congress accusations against Punjab’s ruling BJP-Shiromani Akali Dali (SAD) of influencing the censor board’s decision, Gandhi  accused the ruling leadership of not wanting to end the drug menace in the border state because it was “benefiting them hugely”.

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi questioned Akali-BJP regime who is in power for the last 9 years  that how come  drug trade is the only business  that is flourishing in the state . Gandhi ,who is aware of the problem of the state , vowed that if voted to power in the upcoming Assembly elections, the Congress would solve the problem within a month by enacting new laws and giving the police extra powers. Rahul said, “We will bring a law to impound the property of drug peddlers and sell their properties and distribute the money among the needy youth.”

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