PM Modi can be summoned in national interest

Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot escape scrutiny by the PAC that has been created to point out the wrongdoings and indiscretion in the implementation of policies and programmes approved by Parliament .

The objection raised by BJP MP Nishikant Dubey that PAC chairman K V Thomas cannot summon Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of demonetisation  and its adverse effects on the economy and consequent sufferings of the people is contrary to the key role assigned to Public Accounts Committee which was formed in 1921 in the wake of Montague-Chelmsford Reforms.

The PAC powers to scrutinize expenditure provides the Parliamentary oversight over executive decisions to check on slackness, negligence and even wrong doings on the part of the executive.

Dubey argued by writing a letter to Speaker Sumitra Mahajan that “The announcement by Thomas seeking to summon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to appear before it is unilateral. Such an announcement is wrong and unethical  and against laid out parliamentary procedures.”

PAC has the power to question the Prime Minister if he acts in violation of the Constitutional provisions and acts against the national interest by imposing demonetisation without consulting the RBI chairman and other financial and economic experts .Raghuram Rajan and   even YV Reddy also former Governor of Reserve Bank of India, has come out strongly against government decision of note ban stating pointedly that central bank’s identity has been dented and its autonomy diluted .

The eccentric decision of the Modi government thus makes him liable to answer his illogical decision and the highly detrimental effects on GDP growth ,job opportunities,industrial sector throwing back India among the poorest countries of the world.

Another point is Modi government has wrongly treated RBI as a department of Government of India where as it is the sole authority on monetary policy  and is not accountable to currency or coins.RBI itself has said before Parliamentary Committee that it was government which asked RBI to do what has been done.


If the things have gone wrong and against the national interest Narendra Modi is wholly answerable to the nation and the PAC  .Moreover RBI issued 66 notifications in 50 days of demonetisation that created lot of confusion amongst the people of India that shows it was not a well thought-out and scrutinized decision.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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