PM Modi appears on TV 24×7, nobody goes on air for free: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Bari, Oct 9: In a blistering attack, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears on TV 24-hours but nobody can appear on TV free of cost, otherwise, everyone would have appeared on TV.

Addressing a public gathering, Gandhi stated Modi Ji appears on TV 24-hrs, his posters can be seen everywhere. Nobody can appear on Television free of cost, otherwise, everyone would have appeared on Television.

“It requires crores for marketing and M’s marketing is done by the industrialists to whom the Prime Miniter is giving crores”, he added.

Gandhi, who is on a two-day visit to poll-bound Rajasthan, continued his attack saying “PM Modi talks about Bullet train but why did he cancel Railway projects in Rajasthan? Money allocated to Bullet train that is only used by a handful of people is ₹1,00,000Cr and Railway budget of the entire country is Rs 1,50,000 Crore “.

“India’s richest industrialists have taken loans from banks worth ₹12,50,000Cr in last 4 years and refuse to pay back. But when small businesses, farmers ask for bank facilities, they are denied”.

PM Modi gave Demonetisation, Gabbar Singh Tax and took away public’s money. We will open banks to everyone and you will be the one to create employment”, he added.

Earlier in a day, the Congress chief targetted the Narendra Modi government over a range of issues from the attacks against migrant workforce in Gujarat to the Rafale row in Dholpur.

The Assembly elections in Rajasthan are due later this year.


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