PM does not understand economics: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Formers Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Jaipur: In a big attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused him of tarnishing the pluralistic image of the nation in the world and said that the Modi does not understand economics as the Congress scion addressed the ‘Yuva Aakrosh’ rally here at Albert Hall.

Rahul Gandhi also called upon the youth to remain unafraid and said “Together, we will change Hindustan”.

Gandhi said, “Around one crore youths in the nation lost their jobs, however, Prime Minister is silent on the issue. Modi gives long speeches on CAA, NRC and NPR but prefers to remain silent on the issue of unemployment,” he said adding, “the growth rate during UPA tenure stood at 9 per cent which has come down to below 5 per cent despite the fact that parameters to calculate the GDP were changed. If we calculate it as per earlier parameters, it will be around 2.5 per cent.”

Gandhi further said that economy gets a boost when poor and farmers get money as they start purchasing.

“However, Modi doesn’t understand this basic fact as he does not understand/study economics, Rahul added.

The former Congress president further said that Hindustan has crores of youths as its biggest resource. Even the world believes that Indian youths can change the world.

Earlier, entire world used to come to invest in India as they trusted Indian youths. However in present days, they do not want to invest in India due to increasing violence.

Once, Obama said that the US can’t compete with China, but world knew that only India can compete China, he said.

“All European countries – America, Japan, Australia, and other nations are watching China growing fast, and they know this country needs to be balanced and they know only Indian youths can compete with China.

He further said that India once used to be a peaceful nation, however, now, we read in newspapers that there is violence in country and people of the same nation are fighting each other as the government is spreading violence.

So investors are wary of investing in India, he added.

Attacking Modi in three steps, Rahul said that first, Modi took around Rs 3.50 lakh crore from people’s pocket and gave it to 15-20 rich people.

Secondly, the reputation of India in the world, the image of the country known for promoting brotherhood and unity, was tarnished by Narendra Modi. Now, world considers India as a rape capital but PM never speaks on this.

Thirdly, the youths’ voices are suppressed when they ask PM why India’s image has been tarnished in the world, why unemployment is rising in the country and what you did in last five years for youths?

Challenge prime minister to go to any university and answer students’ questions on unemployment and slowdown, Rahul said Modi will surely be unable to answer, but yes, he can show people fake dreams, of giving 2 crore jobs.

“I am here to give you a message,” he said, adding, “I want to assure you that you have that strength and vision which can change the fate of the nation. The entire world is looking at you, not only Congress but the world looks at you.”

“I am confident that made in India, made in Jaipur, made in Rajasthan can compete with made in China.

“You should never allow your voice to be suppressed, what you speak is correct, you need not be scared, you continue asking questions on unemployment, your future and country’s future.”

Next important thing we all should remember is that we have one flag that represents all Indians, Rahul said.

Those who try to divide india, should realise that Indians can’t be divided, this is an insult to this flag and it should be stopped, he said.

“Our culture and history, ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, should be our ideology. When world watches us, it should know that this country can lead the world and show the way of character and morality,” he said.

Concluding his speech, Rahul said, “I am here to give this message to you, now it is your responsibility, you need not be scared. We have the most powerful force with us, which is Indian youths. Don’t be scared as together we shall change this Hindustan.”

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