Piyush Goyal asks CWC to double its storage capacity

Piyush Goyal
Piyush Goyal (File Picture)

New Delhi : Food Minister Piyush Goyal on Tuesday reviewed the modernisation and asset monetisation plan of state-run Central Warehouse Corporation (CWC) and stressed on the need to double its warehouse storage capacity by 2023-end.

He also asked CWC to focus on building cold chain storage facilities for perishable commodities on priority basis, besides modern silos for food grains.

In the review meeting, the minister said that CWC should double its warehouse storage capacity by the end of year 2023 and achieve a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore by 2024-25 fiscal.

At present, CWC warehouse storage capacity is 125 lakh tonnes.

Further, the minister said CWC should build modern silos for wheat and rice storage all over the country so that maximum grains can be stored for longer periods, a statement said.

Goyal also directed CWC to build more cold chain facilities for storage of onion, potato and tomato in coordination with cooperative NAFED.

“…the tariff rationalization and setting of warehouses should be done independently by CWC without any bureaucratic interference,” Goyal said in the meeting, adding that maximum powers of decision making for operations should be delegated to the PSU.

That apart, the minister asked CWC to prepare a masterplan for upgradation of all its 423 warehouses.

“CWC should do the warehouse / storage gap analysis for agricultural produce and accordingly prepare plans with the help of architects and experts,” he said.

Goyal also instructed CWC to do safety audit for fire, earthquakes, burglary and accidents in its all warehouses regularly.

The minister further said CWC should work on a mission mode for taking care of all stakeholders, including staff, clients, workers and truck drivers.

He said all CWC warehouses must have modern and convenience facilities, proper waiting rooms/restrooms, worker-sheds, drinking water facilities and other basic amenities with neat and clean ambience.

CWC’s warehousing activities include food grain and industrial warehousing, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and air cargo complexes.

Apart from storage and handling, CWC also provides services in the areas of clearing, transportation, disinfestation and fumigation, among others.

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