Pink Review : A true reflection of Society


‘Pink’ is your story, our story.The Soojit Sircar production is a courtroom drama film, In which film put the spotlight on the struggles of three girls’ friends who lived in Delhi.

In movie Taapsee Pannu (Minal Arora), Kirti Kulhari (Falak Ali) and debutant Andrea Tariang (Andrea) playing a role of three girls living in a capital and being molested by the group of people.

‘Pink’ is a movie which reflects the cruel truth of society, after a long time a powerful film came which focuses on real young women faces daily and deals such issues, which a girl can relate with in the capital city.

Every girl in Delhi have been brought up here,Eve-teasing and prank calls were a daily thing for them. when they used to go to a bus stop or take a DTC bus, or go to the market.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan (Deepak Sehgall) playing a role of a lawyer who is suffering from bipolar disorder and represent the girls in the court. He experiences frequently mood swings and has an ailing wife.

The film revolves around how Deepak fights the girls’ case against these influential boys.

‘Pink’ gives us a great lesson : When women said no to sex, it means no. Just because of your sick mind a girl cannot even wear clothes of her own choices. A girl who is open minded who laughs loudly and cracking dirty jokes, it doesn’t mean she can be ok with sex with you.

It is a must watch movie every person needs to see this movie once and you will definitely enjoy it and learn from it that “Underlining a woman’s freedom to own her sexuality?”

And it is Priceless.

Wefornews  Bureau

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