Philippine President Duterte apologises for abusing Obama, calls Trump ‘good friend’

Rodrigo Duterte

Jerusalem , Sep 3 : Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, during his speech to Filipino workers here on Sunday, apologised for abusing former US President Barack Obama.

Referring to his stern language towards Obama in 2016, Duterte, who arrived in Israel on September 2 on a four-day official visit, said it would be appropriate to say at this time that “Obama, you’re a civilian. I am sorry for uttering those words”.

At the same time, he described Obama as a “cold” person who was “always at a distance”, adding that the current US President Donald Trump is his “good friend”, Sputnik news reported.

In 2016, Duterte warned Obama against questioning his extrajudicial drug-war-related killings of alleged criminals.(IANS)

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