Phase that everyone has to face one day!

New Delhi, June 14: Everything has a life span which consists of many ups and downs. If there is a life, one day all have to face that hard time of life when you will approach to your end.

Sometimes many of us forget the basic rule of nature that everyone has to face. The pain of ageing, loneliness and unbearable pain that all have to experience with the passage of time. The time when you will be able to see your body parts getting retired gradually.ageing

Day by day weakness will fill in your body to break your hopes to run hard to survive. But the only hope you would left with, is the support of your family members who helps you to fight with every negative thought that come in their mind. They are the one who walk beside you in your every step to support you, but what about if the only support they expect, do not find anywhere.

Still hiding their crushed hopes and unfulfilled wishes in heart they do not express their pain to anyone.

At the time, when people enjoy their young age some working in gym, some chilling out in pubs and many busy in having trips, there are some members of the family which remain left out alone at home. Nobody cares they are ageing.

But have we ever realise that what they would feel, being alone at home. Despite of the fact that we ignore them, they nerver do the same. They always remain concerned for us. If we get late they are first who get panic and genuinely want to see us healthy and safe.lifeBut what they get in return, just the ignorance.

If we talk about the recent case of Pakeezah actress Geeta Kapoor…nobody has ever thought the condition she can face but she had to.

However that is a major case but what the mistake of theirs? Is only that they have sacrificed all their hard work and every single penny of their hard core earning on our career.

They spend and work every day and night just to make us stand in society but most of the today’s generation youth makes them fall. They don’t allow them to stand with them which is completely drastic.ageing

They are like plants which need love and affection and nothing else. They are roots of a family that keeps the plant green and growing.

Nothing can make them as happy if you just sit with them twice a day for a while and talk to them softly.

Believe it, that they are the second parents who can take your pain on themselves but never like to see you in pain. So its your duty also, to not let them realise that they are aged just make them feel that they are still young and let the feeling of being alive don’t die.

By- Shivangi Raghav

Wefornews Bureau

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