Petrol touches Rs100 per litre in Delhi, Petrol pumps closed as Machines fail

Petrol Price

New Delhi, Sep 14 : First time in India’s history, Petrol has touch Rs 100 per litre in the national capital (New Delhi) and now consumers in the country’s financial capital -Mumbai should expect the surge in Petrol prices within days. Petrol Pumps were closed because recalibration of the machines is to be done.

The premium petrol of Oil marketing major Indian Oil Corporation Ltd touched Rs100 per litre and the petrol pump was compelled to shut down.

The reason being that the display has only two figures and on September 8, the price of Octane quality petrol was increased to Rs100.33 and the display has maximum limit that can be inserted on petrol pump machines is Rs99.99. Resultantly, petrol pump services were halted and a team of engineers were called to re-calibrate the machines of petrol pump.

 The petrol pump station was closed for two days.

Experts believe that the high-performance petrol PoWer 99, the new generation petrol by Hindustan petroleum corporation LTD ( HPCL) gives long life to engine of the vehicles and luxurious cars gives more preference to power99 fuel. and this the high-performance petrol is being sold in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Jalandhar and Bengaluru.

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