Petrol pumps in Lucknow fooling people, UP STF conducts raids

Petrol Pump Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh, April 28: Working on reforms in the State, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday made the STF conduct raids at over a dozen petrol pumps to check the petrol theft.

During the raids, at least 7 petrol pumps were found where petrol theft was taking place.

All of these situated in Lucknow were selling less amount of petrol for the original amount of money.

On reaching a petrol pump which was just opposite to the George King Medical College in Lucknow, it was found that the petrol pump was stealing 50 ml of fuel, per every 1 litre; that is giving away 50 ml less from every 1 litre they were selling to the customer.

On further probing, it was found that a chip board like device was placed inside the petrol dispensing machine, which did the job.

After investigation it to the ground level, the STF team arrested several petrol pump workers and owners.

This was the first time when such raids are conducted in Lucknow.

The move has given a strong message to other petrol pump owners as well who are indulging in such illegal activities to fool customers.

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