Petrol prices sets new record, crosses Rs 80 mark

Petrol, May 22, Mumbai

New Delhi, May 22:  As fuel prices continued to surge, the State-run oil marketers on Tuesday increased petrol and diesel costs for the straight ninth day, adding to the burden of consumers dealing with record prices.

Despite the constant price rise, no solution from the central government has been offer yet. However, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that the necessary steps would be taken but the rally in petrol and diesel prices are already burning a hole in the common man’s pocket.

A litre of petrol in Mumbai was retailing at Rs 84.70, while in Bhopal it hit a record high of Rs 82.47 on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, diesel touched Rs 71.66 in Bhopal and in Mumbai Rs 72.48 per litre.

In Delhi, prices of petrol was retailing at Rs 76.87 for a litre.

The locals in Bhopal, Mumbai are concerned about the pace on which the prices are increasing day by day.

“Petrol and Diesel prices are increasing every week. Prices here are much higher than other states. How are we supposed to survive in this situation’ said one of the Mumbaikar.

Reacting to the fuel price hike,  a local in Bhopal stated “it won’t take much time for petrol prices to reach Rs 100 at this speed. We have no other option but to buy fuel to commute. Govt should reduce the prices, it’s affecting our budget”.

On Tuesday, prices of petrol in New Delhi was retailing at Rs 76.87 for a litre


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