Petrol Price Touches 88.67 Rupees In Mumbai

Petrol Price

Mumbai, Sep 14: There seems to be no respite from the rising fuel prices. Petrol and diesel prices continued their upward movement on Friday with rates hitting fresh highs and the petrol price has been increased by 28 paise to Rs 88.67/litre and diesel price by 24 paise to Rs 77.82/litre in Mumbai.

The oil marketing companies (OMCs) increased fuel cost across metro cities. Petrol is selling at Rs 81.28/litre, while diesel price has been revised to Rs 73.30/litre in Delhi.

In Chennai, where the petrol prices are nearing Rs 85/litre-mark, the petrol price touched fresh highs at Rs 84.49/litre on September 14 after seeing a 30 paise hike. Similarly, diesel price was up 24 paise to Rs 77.49/litre.

Petrol is selling at Rs 83.14/litre in Kolkata after a 27 paise hike on Friday. The cost of diesel increased by 43 paise to Rs 75.36/litre.

Prices of petrol and diesel vary from one city to another because of differences in local sales tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) and transportation cost.

Delhi has the cheapest fuel rates among all metros and most state capitals because of lower taxes. Mumbai has the highest sales tax or VAT.

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