Petrol price sets new high; Rs 77.47 in New Delhi, Rs 85.29 in Mumbai

Petrol Price

New Delhi, May 24: Petrol and diesel prices on Thursday increased in the range of 19-31 paise per litre across Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, marking hike for eleven days in a row.

The petrol price touched Rs 85.29 per litre in Mumbai, while in Delhi the price was retailing at Rs 77.47 per litre.

In Delhi price of Diesel is at Rs 68.53/litre and Mumbai reached Rs 72.96/litre.

On the other hand , the petrol price Rs 80.12 per litre in Kolkata,  Rs. 80.42 per litre in Chennai.

Petrol price (in Rs/ litre) Diesel price (in Rs/litre)
24-May 23-May 13-May 24-May 23-May 13-May
Delhi 77.47 77.17 74.63 68.53 68.34 65.93
Kolkata 80.12 79.83 77.32 71.08 70.89 68.63
Mumbai 85.29 84.99 82.48 72.96 72.76 70.2
Chennai 80.42 80.11 77.43 72.35 72.14 69.56

Across the four metro cities, prices increased around 30 paise on Tuesday. In Delhi and Mumbai, the fuel was sold at Rs 76.87 and Rs 84.70 per litre, up from Rs Rs 76.57 and Rs 84.40 respectively on Monday.

While on Wednesday, a litre of petrol in Mumbai was retailing at Rs 84.99, while in Delhi at Rs 77.17.

Despite the constant price rise, no solution from the central government has been offered yet.

Fuel rates are not under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) cap.

However, In the wake of petrol and diesel price hike, the Union Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad held a meeting.

After a close deliberation, Prasad said the centre will take a long-term view to deal with frequent up and downs.

“The issue of frequent hike in fuel price is a matter of debate and concern. The government is involved in this whole process, including the concern (about rise in prices) and also the uncertainty”, he told media.


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