Petrol price nears Rs 90 per litre-mark in Mumbai

Petrol Price

Sep 16 :  Petrol and Diesel prices are setting an all-time high record with each passing day across the country.Petrol in New Delhi is being sold 28 paise higher at Rs. 81.91 per litre, and diesel at Rs. 73.72 per litre after a hike of 18 paise.
In Mumbai, the price of petrol has mounted to nearly Rs. 90 per litre, while diesel is retailing at Rs 78.26 per litre respectively.

The hike was higher in Chennai, as compared to Mumbai and Delhi. The increase in petrol price was recorded at 30 paise/litre in the city, reaching a new high of Rs 85.15/litre. Diesel is priced at Rs 77.94/litre after recording an increase of 20 paise/litre.

Prices of petrol and diesel vary from one city to another because of differences in local sales tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) and transportation cost.
Delhi has the cheapest fuel rates among all metros and most state capitals because of lower taxes. Mumbai has the highest sales tax or VAT.

The  Congress Party and 21 other regional and national parties observed a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on account of the consistent rise in fuel prices and urged the government to take necessary steps to reduce citizens’ woes.
However, the Centre has maintained that external factors, including a rise in international crude oil prices, are influencing domestic fuel prices.

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