Petrol at Rs 79.99/litre in Delhi, 87.39/litre in Mumbai today

Petrol Price

New Delhi, Sep 7 : State-owned oil marketing companies (OMCs) have again increased the price of Petrol and diesel  in the country as  in Delhi, petrol almost touched Rs 80 while in Mumbai it costs Rs 87.39 per litre, an increase of Rs 0.48 a litre and the Narendra Modi government has declared that it will not cut excise duty on the fuel to cushion the spiraling prices.

Diesel prices, on the other hand, increased by Rs 0.52 per litre (Rs 72.07 per litre) in Delhi . In Mumbai, petrol and diesel prices were at Rs 87.39 per litre and Rs.76.51 per litre respectively.

The people across the country have condemned the Narendra Modi- led government for the continuous increase in the fuel prices.

The consistent hike in fuel prices has led the opposition parties to blame the Modi government for mismanagement. Former finance minister P Chidambaram on Monday asked the government to bring petrol and diesel under GST.

NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar had earlier said the government need not respond to daily or weekly changes in the oil prices .

“Weekly, daily or periodic changes in global oil and commodity prices are to be observed but don’t necessarily have to be responded. The prices rose in June but then declined in July. Is not it? Same situation may happen again, therefore policy cannot be a knee-jerk reaction to periodic events in the markets,” Kumar said.

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